Becky Walsh

Becky WalshBecky Walsh is an intuitive catalyst and EFT Matrix re-imprinting therapist. Becky believes that ‘stuck’ is just a holding point whilst you’re waiting for more information.

Becky is an ‘ideas spark’ for people ready to make life changes. She aids moving people closer to heart-based decisions and further away from fear using a mixture of skills built up over many years: intuition, psychology, spirituality, EFT Matrix reimprinting, humour and empowerment coaching.

Becky is a Hay House author, past presenter on LBC Radio and is a well know speaker and guide for transformation.

Specialist area of work with EFT Matrix Reimprinting is with:

* Negative core beliefs * Archetypes (sub-personalities) of the mind creating un-productive thinking * Performers / Presenters / Authors who want to take it to the next level, but are bumping their heads on the glass ceiling * People who know they have something amazing to share, but can’t get themselves out of the way of the message * People who feel ‘stuck’ in any area of life * Negative / Limited core-beliefs in career, business, relationships, self-esteem and self-love * Single people who are finding themselves stuck in patterns

Becky can be contacted via telephone on 0776 922 0833 or via email

Becky's personal website is

The Practice at The Angel Islington